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COVID-19 Impact on Nurse Corps

We understand the COVID-19 outbreak has a direct impact on our Nurse Corps clinicians and sites.

We support you and want you and your family to stay healthy and safe.

What If COVID-19 Affects My Service Obligation?

Read our FAQs on how we’re providing you flexibility

Situations related to COVID-19 may affect your ability to complete your service obligation. We have mechanisms in place to help you meet your requirements.

What Can I Do?

If your service situation changes, contact a program analyst via the BHW Customer Service Portal.

What kinds of changes does this include?

  1. You’re required to be away from your approved service site more than the allotted seven weeks per service year;
  2. You become unemployed as a direct result of the outbreak; or
  3. Your employer directs you to provide care outside of a Nurse Corps-approved health care facility.

We’ll update you on program changes relating to you or your staff’s Nurse Corps service. Thank you for committing to care for the nation’s underserved communities.

How Is HRSA Responding to COVID-19?

Visit Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information.

What do other federal agencies provide?

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