Nurse Corps Mentor Program

The Nurse Corps Mentor Program pairs a self-selected Nurse Corps member with Nurse Corps scholars-in-training. Providers share their experiences, best practices, and other lessons learned, with students transitioning from training to service.

These mentors are available to discuss challenges faced during in-school training, service site selection, professional development, and more.

Ultimately, the Program gives students the additional support they need to successfully practice in communities of greatest need.

  • To whom do we offer the program?

    Currently, we offer it to newly awarded Nurse Corps scholars.

  • What are the requirements for becoming a mentor?

    The requirements are simple. To become a mentor, you must be a current or former Nurse Corps member. Although there is no specific time commitment, mentors must be available and responsive to their mentee’s questions or requests for guidance.

  • How do I sign up to become a mentor or be paired with a mentor?

    To become a mentor, send an email to Let us know your licensure, specialty, city, state, and how many mentees you can mentor.

    To be paired with a mentor, send an email to Let us know your location, licensure, and/or specialty preferences.

  • What other resources should you review?

    Mentoring Partnership Parameters (PDF- 118 KB)

    Creating a Successful Mentoring Partnership (PDF - 778 KB)

    Mentor Training Webinar: Site Selection Recording Exit Disclaimer


Email us for more information.

Date Last Reviewed:  February 2019