Health Workforce Connector

Connecting Skilled Health Professionals to Communities In Need

How the Health Workforce Connector Works

Want to practice or train in a community with limited access to medical, dental, and behavioral health services? Get discovered by employers nationwide. 1. Register - Create an account and fill out your profile, detailing your education, experience, and employment preferences. 2. Explore - Learn about NHSC and Nurse Corps-approved sites and career and training opportunities. Search site profiles by location, discipline, and more. 3. Connect - Contact sites from all over the country. Enhance your career search and discover the right fit for you and your family.Looking for qualified clinicians and trainees to join your NHSC or Nurse Corps-approved site? Be seen by hundreds of thousands of healthcare candidates who are actively seeking training or employment. 1. Register - Create an account and fill out your site profile. Post vacancies to attract health care professionals and students. 2. Explore - Recruit qualified candidates, including NHSC and Nurse Corps participants. Search the database of current and future clinician profiles. 3. Connect - Contact potential new hires. Take your candidate search to the next level and make the best hiring decision for your site.

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Date Last Reviewed:  July 2019