Shortage Designation Modernization Project

The Shortage Designation Modernization Project (SDMP) modernizes the shortage designation and scoring processes.

The SDMP initiative gives greater transparency, accountability, and parity to the HPSA designation and scoring process. The project also aims to reduce the burden of data collection on state Primary Care Offices (PCOs) by using standardized data sets.

Note: No changes will be made to the criteria or methodology for designating or scoring HPSAs.


When did the project begin?

What is the National Shortage Designation Update?

What updates will occur in the future?

What updates have been made?

What is an update preview?

How do you change your organization’s contact information?

Data & Scoring

What scoring data will we use when the national update takes place?

What is the population-to-provider ratio?

What should you know about the providers in the population-to-provider ratio?

How do we determine the default service area for RHCs and ITUs?

How can you change your score?

What will change for Auto-HPSAs?

NHSC/Nurse Corps

How does the SDMP affect National Health Service Corps and Nurse Corps?

Technical Assistance

HRSA began distributing update previews in November 2018. Contact your organization's shortage designation point-of-contact for your latest report.

2018 Preview Webinars


Date Last Reviewed:  March 2019

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