Shortage Designation Modernization Project

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Thursday, June 28
3:00 – 4:30 p.m. ET
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We will review:

  • The scoring criteria used for Auto-HPSAs
  • Important milestones for the modernization project
  • Data sources for Auto-HPSA impact analyses

May 23 Webinar: Auto-HPSA Scoring for Community Health Centers

Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to provide an audio recording. However, you may access the webinar slides (PDF - 1.4 MB) and we will offer a re-recording in July.

The Shortage Designation Modernization Project modernizes the shortage designation process with automated procedures and standardized data sets.

What is the goal?

Ongoing project efforts create greater transparency, accountability, and parity in the Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) designation and scoring process.

However, the criteria for designating and scoring HPSAs remains the same.

When did the project begin?

Our modernization efforts began with the development and implementation of the Shortage Designation Management System (SDMS).

SDMS uses publically available, standardized data. It streamlines the work of State Primary Care Offices (PCOs) and will replace the current manual process for scoring Auto-HPSAs.

What updates have been made?

November 2017: Updated Geographic, Population, and Other Facility HPSA designations based on standardized and PCO-provided data, using SDMS. (The plan is to update these HPSAs again in 2020, but PCOs may update them before then.)

What updates will occur in the future?

2019: Planned update of Automatically Designated HPSAs (Auto-HPSAs).

Auto-HPSA facilities include:
• Health Centers (funded under Sec. 330)
• Health Center Look-Alikes
• Tribally-Run Clinics
• Urban Indian Organizations
• Dual-Funded Tribal Health Centers
• Federally-Run Indian Health Service Clinics
• Rural Health Clinics that meet National Health Service Corps (NHSC) site requirements

Auto-HPSAs will not lose their designations in the update.

An Auto-HPSA Working Group made up of stakeholders and HRSA’s Bureau of Primary Health Care and Federal Office of Rural Health Policy identified data sources to use for the planned update.

What happens next?

Beginning in summer 2018 and continuing through spring 2019, HRSA will test run the update and provide a number of impact analysis reports.
Each impact analysis will:

  • Show the data used to calculate the HPSA score
  • Be informational only.

HRSA will not use them to make program decisions.

What will change for Auto-HPSAs?

Until HRSA implements the national update, current processes for Auto-HPSAs remain in place.

Facilities with an Auto-HPSA should continue to request scores or rescores by emailing us.

Date Last Reviewed:  June 2018

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