State Profile: Wyoming

  2008-2010 Health Workforcea 2010 Graduatesb
Occupation Total % RSEc Per 100K Working-age Population Total Per 100K Working-age Population
Chiropractors NR NR NR NA NA
Counselors NR NR NR NA NA
Dental Assistants 968 23.9 173.8 NP NP
Dental Hygienists NR NR NR 56 9.9
Dentists NR NR NR NA NA
Diagnostic Related Technologists and Technicians NR NR NR 39 6.9
Dietitians and Nutritionists NR NR NR NA NA
Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics NR NR NR NP NP
Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioner Support Technologist and Technicans 616 23.0 110.6 25 4.4
Licensed Practical and Licenses Vocational Nurses 641 22.6 115.1 93 16.5
Massage Therapists NR NR NR NP NP
Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians 520 29.1 93.4 6 1.1
Medical and Health Services Managers 1,103 21.3 198.1 1 0.2
Medical Assistants and Other Healthcare Support Occupations 1,343 17.6 241.2 NP NP
Medical Records and Health Information Technicians NR NR NR NA NA
Medical Secretaries 1,059 20.8 190.2 NP NP
Nurse Anesthetistsd 37 NA 6.6 NP NP
Nurse Practitionersd 201 NA 35.7 NP NP
Nurse-Midwivesd 14 NA 2.0 NP NP
Nursing, Psychiatric, and Home Health Aides 5,094 9.7 914.9 NP NP
Occupational Therapists NR NR NR NA NA
Opticians, Dispensing NR NR NR NP NP
Optometrists NR NR NR NA NA
Personal Care Aides 1,765 17.0 317.0 NP NP
Pharmacists NR NR NR 44 7.8
Physical Therapist Assistants and Aides NR NR NR NP NP
Physical Therapists NR NR NR NA NA
Physician Assistants NR NR NR NA NA
Physicians 902 22.6 162.0 NA NA
Psychologists NR NR NR 14 2.5
Registered Nurses 4,296 9.7 771.6 421 74.7
Respiratory Therapists NR NR NR 7 1.24
Social Workers 574 24.8 103.1 61 10.8
Speech-Language Pathologists 403 29.6 72.4 36 6.4
Veterinarians NR NR NR NA NA

aHealth Workforce data are from Special Tabulations of the American Community Survey Public Use Microdata Sample, 2008-2010

bGraduate data are from Special Tabulations of the National Center for Education Statistics Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, 2009-2010 Data. Degree award levels included in the count of graduates are specified in Part 5 of the U.S. Health Workforce Chartbook – Technical Documentation.

c% RSE (Percent Relative Standard Error) = ((Estimate/Standard Error)*100); Lower % RSEs (i.e. proportionately lower standard errors) indicate greater precision. %RSEs between 20 and 30 percent should be used with caution

dAdvanced Practice Nursing Workforce data are from the following source(s): Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Anesthetists data are from the Area Resource File 2011-2012 Access Database, tabulations of data from the National Provider Identification File and Nurse-Midwives data are from the Area Resource File 2011-2012 AccessDatabase, tabulations of data from the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

NA: Data are not available for the selected state and occupation.

NR: Data not reported at the state-level because the RSE ≥ 30%; estimate does not meet standards of reliability

NP: Graduate data is not presented because there is no clear educational pathway for this occupation

Date Last Reviewed:  August 2016