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Present at our April 2022 Virtual Meeting

If you have a program, idea, or research that will improve the health workforce, we want to hear from you. Use this page to understand what we are looking for and how to submit your presentation idea. We will select around 72 abstracts for presentation.

Presentation Topics

Your presentation must fit into one of these tracks we will focus on at the meeting:

Track 1: COVID-19 Response

  • Describe how your program developed health workforce training and skills during the pandemic (HRSA grant recipients are eligible for this track). 

Track 2: Behavioral and Community Health

  • Discuss ways you are educating and training the health workforce to address the behavioral and community health needs (HRSA grant recipients are eligible for this track).  

Track 3: Federal Advisory Committees and Future Directions from BHW Leaders

  • Highlight innovative models of care and engage participants on future directions for workforce development (BHW Division Directors are eligible for this track).

Track 4: Provider Resilience and Telehealth

  • Present evidenced–based practices, programs, and protocols that establish, enhance and expand provider resilience and telehealth (HRSA grant recipients are eligible for this track).

Track 5: Trainee Session

  • Highlight your training experiences and scholarly projects that you were able to accomplish because of HRSA funding (HRSA funded trainees are eligible for this track).

Track 6: Health Equity and Diversity

  • Demonstrate the impact of your program in underserved and rural communities by addressing health equity, health disparities and social determinants of health (HRSA grant recipients are eligible for this track).  

How to Submit Your Abstract

Follow these instructions.

  1. Write your abstract
    Pick one of the tracks and write no more than 500 words (excluding title) on the topic. This is your abstract. You must send us your abstract in Microsoft Word (doc) format.

    The text must be single-spaced and use 12-point Arial font.

    The abstract must contain:

    • Title
    • Description
    • Evaluation Methods
    • Program Results
    • Impact /Lessons Learned


  2. Email us the abstract
    The subject line should be: "Call for Abstracts." Attach the abstract in the word document.

    In the body of the email, include:

    • Presenter(s) Name(s)
    • Name of Institution(s)
    • Primary Presenter Phone Number
    • Primary Presenter E-Mail Address
    • HRSA Program(s)
    • Conference Track for which you want to submit your abstract

    Send the email to BHWALLGRANTEEVM@HRSA.GOV

Important Guidelines


  • You may send more than one abstract from the same institution.  
  • We will not accept abstracts submitted after the deadline.  
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