Who We Are

The Bureau of Health Workforce (BHW) strengthens the health workforce and connects skilled health care providers to communities in need. We offer scholarships and loan repayment to students and clinicians. We also award grants to organizations such as schools, hospitals, and health centers to improve health workforce training, increase diversity, and advance health equity.

Last year:

  • More than 24,000 health professionals in our loan and scholarship programs cared for over 25 million patients.

  • Our 50+ training programs engaged over 500,000 students and clinicians, including nearly 13,000 in behavioral health and 31,000 in nursing.

  • Nearly 66% of our 22,500 training sites supported medically underserved communities.


  • We offer health workforce research, data, tools, and projections.
  • Shortage areas focus limited resources on communities with the most need.
  • We help health care workers find jobs in high-need communities.
  • We fund grants, loan repayment, and scholarships.