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Meet Nurse Corps Service Requirements

All Nurse Corps members must follow our requirements. This allows you to remain a Nurse Corps member.

How do I meet nurse corps loan repayment program requirements?

When does my contract take effect?

  1. You sign your contract.
  2. The Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS)—or their designee—countersigns it.

Your service commitment begins.

What are my service options?

We offer two types of service options. You only choose one:

  1. Serve as a Registered Nurse (RN) or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) at a Critical Shortage Facility (CSF).
  2. Serve as Nurse Faculty (NF) at an eligible school of nursing.

Note: You can’t switch service options during your two-year contract. You may be eligible to transfer to another CSF or school of nursing. To do so, you must receive prior approval.

What must I do during my service period?

  • Maintain a current, permanent, unrestricted license to practice as an RN or APRN in the state that employs you.
  • Work under your employer’s verified scope of practice as an RN, APRN, or NF member.
  • Understand that you will only receive service credit when your Nurse Corps LRP contract is in effect.
  • Begin full-time service on the effective date of your contract at the CSF or eligible school of nursing listed in your application.
  • Continue with the same type of service option (CSF or eligible school of nursing) during your two-year service period.

How many hours must I work?

If you work at an eligible CSF:

  • You must work at least 128 hours/month.
  • You must work a minimum of 45 weeks per service year.

If you work at an eligible school of nursing:

  • You must work a minimum of nine months per service year.
  • You must work “full-time” as defined by the employer. You may not serve part-time.

Do you verify my service?

Yes. Every six months, you and your point-of-contact (POC) must complete and sign the In-Service Verification (ISV).

This certifies that you are complying with the service requirements.

Check out our videos to help you and your site POC complete the in-service verification form:

Do you permit absences?

Yes, but no more than seven weeks (35 workdays) in a service year.

If you’re absent for longer, we’ll extend your contract end date.

What should my site POC do if I need a longer absence? 

Your site POC can view our Nurse Corps Suspension for Site POCs video for details on completing your suspension of service request.

Can I transfer to another site?

Yes, but you must receive approval first.

Contact us immediately via the Customer Service Portal. Go to the “Activities” section, then to “Change My Site Request.”

Include the reason for the transfer and an initiation of an employee verification form (EVF) to the prospective site. This will determine whether it is an eligible CSF or eligible school of nursing. 

View our Nurse Corps Site Status Change Request video for details on completing a site status change request.

Why wouldn't you approve my request?

There are two reasons we may not approve your transfer request. If the prospective site is:

  • Not a CSF or school of nursing in the same or higher funding tier as that of your award.
  • A private for-profit entity.

What can my site POC do to assist me with site status changes?

Your site POC can view our Nurse Corps Site Status Change Request for Site POCs video for information on how to assist clinicians with a site status change.

Can I receive additional loan repayment?

If funding is available, we may offer you the option to serve for a third year of service. This is a continuation contract.

What will I get if approved?

We give you an additional 25% of your original total verified qualifying educational loan balance—as of the effective date of your initial two-year contract.

How do I meet nurse corps scholarship program requirements?

What must I do while I'm in school?

While you’re in school, you must do five things.

  1. Complete your nursing program.
  2. Verify your enrollment status each term (e.g., semester, quarter) through the Customer Service Portal.
  3. Have a school official certify your enrollment status.
  4. Submit a transcript for each term. Transcript must be after add/drop date and show the courses and credit hours.
  5. Upload a transcript at the end of each semester.

Is my scholarship taxable?

Yes. Your entire scholarship award is taxable.

We report all awarded funds to the IRS. We don’t withhold state and local taxes from any of the scholarship payments.

How long is my service term?

You must serve full-time (or part-time equivalent) for at least two years.

Can I end my contract?

Yes, but you must do so on or before June 1 of the relevant school year.

How do I end my contract?

  • Submit a written request to terminate your contract for that academic year.
  • Repay all amounts paid to, or on behalf of, you (i.e., pre-tax tuition, stipends, and other reasonable costs) for that academic year.

What happens if you end my contract?

You don’t have to serve for that school year. However, you must serve for any years you received scholarship funds.

What happens if I don’t meet the requirements to end my contract?

Your contract remains in effect. You must serve two years since we already supplied you scholarship funds.

What is my award’s contract period?

Your contract includes the academic year(s) you received a scholarship.

You can’t defer funding. You must use your award in consecutive academic terms.

Any funding you receive after the end of the academic year is another contract year.

Am I eligible for additional scholarship support?

You may be eligible for a Nurse Corps SP Continuation award. It must be for the same nursing degree as your original contract.

How do I request a continuation award?

To request additional scholarship support for any subsequent academic years:

  • Submit a signed contract for that academic year.
  • Submit a report verifying that you are still in an acceptable level of academic standing.

You don’t need to reapply for scholarship support.

How do you determine who receives a continuation award?

It depends on the funds available.

However, you must:

  • Remain eligible to participate in the Nurse Corps SP (e.g., acceptable academic standing, not repeating coursework). Note: We conduct a credit check as part of the eligibility process.
  • Comply with our policies and procedures for requesting continued support; and
  • Have complied previously with program policies and requirements.

Note: You must be able to support yourself financially until you receive the new scholarship funding. It may take months to receive the first payment.

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