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Train Health Care Workers About Dementia

Our training materials help educators teach health care workers about dementia. This includes Alzheimer’s disease.

Can I Use These Training Materials?

You can benefit from these training materials if you are:

  • Health professions faculty
  • A student
  • A primary care practitioner
  • A member of a geriatrics care team
  • A direct service worker

What Do You Include in the Training?

We include more than 25 training modules. 

How Providers Address Caregiver Needs

There are four additional modules. They help providers understand and address caregiver needs.

Helping Caregivers

These learning modules help caregivers of persons living with dementia. They teach them how to take care of their own health and cope with the challenges of caregiving.

Caregiver Self-Care (PPTX - 95 KB)

Module 4 Faculty Guide (PDF - 173 KB)

An Overview of Dementia and Health Care Provider Roles

As the continuing education accreditation for our 16 modules expires, they will be placed here without the continuing education information.

In each module, you will get:

  • A presentation
  • References
  • A faculty guide

Diagnosing Dementia (PPTX - 3 MB)

Module 2: References (PDF - 366 KB)

Module 2: Faculty Guide (PDF - 533 KB)

Ethics and Capacity Issues (PPTX - 4 MB)

Module 11: References (PDF - 278 KB)

Module 11: Faculty Guide (PDF - 244 KB)

Dentistry and Dementia (PPTX - 2 MB)

Module 16: References (PDF - 200 KB)

Module 16: Faculty Guide (PDF - 465 KB)

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