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FAQ: Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) Fiscal Year 2022

Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-22-047

Program Requirements
Program-Specific Forms


Is it necessary for all students to have an RN, or can they hold a degree in another field while pursuing a doctorate in nursing to become a nurse educator? Can students be nurse researchers who are becoming nurse educators?

Registered Nurses enrolled in advanced practice nursing programs are eligible for NFLP loan fund support. Yes, nurse researchers who are enrolled in advanced practice nursing programs to become nurse faculty are eligible for NFLP loan support.

Program Requirements

Post Doctorate Certificate Programs are not eligible for programmatic accreditation (similar to PhD), but are offered through a regionally accredited university approved to offer both professional and research degrees. Is this type of accreditation acceptable for the NFLP loan support?

The Ph.D. and Post Doctorate Certificate programs must have appropriate approvals recognized by the institutional boards/committees and regional associations of higher education accreditation, such as Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, North Central Association of Colleges, and Schools and the University’s Provost Office.

Note: Applicants must submit an official letter of approval for all doctoral programs included in the project. 

Does the same person often fill the Project Director (PD) and Project Officer (PO) roles?

No. The Project Director (PD) and the Project Officer (PO) are two different roles. The Project Director is the main point of contact at the institution for NFLP correspondence with HRSA. The Project Officer serves as a HRSA resource for NFLP award recipients. The Authorizing Official (AO) is the person legally and financially responsible for the use and disposition of any NFLP funds awarded based on this NFLP application. 

Note: The PD and the AO cannot be the same person.

Program-Specific Forms

The Program Specific Data Forms asks for the balance of the current award at the last report date. However, that amount is over double what it is now. Can we put the current balance with the date of that balance?

Continuing applicants must estimate the balance they will have remaining in their loan fund account by June 30, 2022 for the NFLP Loan Fund Balance/Unused Accumulation (Part 3, Section D.1). 

This amount should be based on a projected calculation of student loans disbursed/to be disbursed, repayments, interests, etc. 
If we determine that our balance available by June 30, 2022 (section D.1) is enough to support our continuing and estimated new students in 2022-23, should we be applying for additional funds?  If we do not apply for funds this year, will it negatively affect us with future submissions?

You should not apply for funds in FY 2022 if you have enough funds in your NFLP loan fund account to provide loan support for the 2022-2023 project period.

Current NFLP grantees are not required to reapply for funds in order to remain active. Current grantees may apply each year only when additional funds are needed to support students. 

How many credits should we use for part-time, in-state semester expenses?  Our student part time tuition is based on number of credits, which can be between three credits and six credits.

The school makes the decision about what constitutes part-time or full-time enrollment status, including semester sequence. 

Note: The system calculates part-time tuition as at least half of the full-time amount.

Is there a way to enter that information if two different advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) roles have different tuition? 

You must enter the average amount for one term with fees/expenses based on the required full-time credit hours if your institution has more than one tuition. 

Ensure that the amount entered will be adequate to cover the cost for all of your student borrowers.

What dates are required for reporting graduates and graduates employed as nurse faculty under Section 3 of the specific data form? 

You must first select the current fiscal year date of 2022 at the top of the form under Part 1 when completing the NFLP specific data form. 

Note: After selecting the current fiscal year date, the dates will auto-populate on the form for Part 3 Sections E.1, E.2, and E.3. Do not skip ahead.

Would a new NFLP applicant be required to enroll any current/existing students in the NFLP program? Does “continuing students” only apply to schools with existing NFLP programs with students already using the loans?  

If you are a new applicant, the NFLP Program Specific Data Form, Part 3, section E.1 (NFLP Enrollees Information by Degree - Continuing Students Expected to Request NFLP Support 07/01/2022 - 06/30/2023) does not apply to you and should be zero. 

Yes. Continuing students applies to institutions with existing NFLP award funds and student borrowers from previous cycles.


Where in the application should the Emergency Preparedness Statement go?

Submit the emergency preparedness statement under attachment 7 (Other Relevant Documentation) or Project Sustainability section on your application. 

Does this funding opportunity occur every year?

NFLP grant is an annual funding opportunity. You may apply for NFLP funds annually and only when funds (or in the case of competing continuations, additional funds) are needed to provide loan support to students.

Can you discuss the requirement of including the estimated collection cost in the Loan Disbursement Document – how should that be calculated? 

The estimated collection cost is an aggregated amount of your institution’s third-party servicer charges for collection. You can add a column to the Loan Disbursement Plan (attachment 4) to list the estimated collection total cost (not per student borrower). You may also choose to add a narrative statement to the loan disbursement plan.

Note: A tabular format is preferred for the Loan Disbursement Plan – sample included in the NOFO TA Call Presentation.

What should the logic model include?

The logic model should describe and show the infrastructure that your institution has in place to make loans to students. A logic model is a one-page diagram that presents the conceptual framework for a proposed project and explains the links among program elements to achieve the relevant outcomes. A sample link is included on page 16 in the NOFO.

What should be included in the “Maintenance of Effort” section of the application? 

The Maintenance of Effort amount is calculated as one-ninth of the Federal Capital Contribution (FCC) award being requested through the current application. 

Your institution is required to contribute an institutional capital contribution (ICC) that is equal to, not less than one-ninth of the FY 2022 Federal award amount received referred to as the Federal Capital Contribution (FCC).

Do we apply as new program or a returning one if we have been a prior recipient for one program but want to include an additional second program?

You must indicate "Continuation" as the type of application when completing the SF-424 R&R form and then add the new program to the application narrative if you received NFLP funding in past years and have not relinquished your NFLP grant.

Note: If no additional funding is needed, current NFLP award recipients do not need to reapply to add a new program (see question #5) and are advised to request prior approval from HRSA to use existing NFLP loan funds for support of a new or additional nursing degree program that prepares nurse faculty.

If we are not applying for new funds, do we need to submit a general emergency preparedness statement since this is a new requirement?  

No. The emergency preparedness statement is only required when submitting a new application.


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