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FAQ: Nurse Education, Quality and Retention – Pathway to Registered Nurse Program (NEPQR-PRNP)

Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-23-016


How will I know if my facility is an eligible entity?

You are eligible if your facility is an accredited school of nursing that provides bachelor and associate nursing degrees. Other eligible institutions include health care facilities, including federally qualified health centers, or nurse-managed health clinics or a partnership of such a school and facility. See page 5 of the NOFO for full eligibility information.

Who is not eligible to apply for this funding opportunity?

Individuals, for-profit entities, and foreign entities are not eligible to apply for this award.

Are Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree programs eligible for this funding?

Yes. The Licensed Practical Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse (LPN/LVN) to Registered Nurse (RN) program track can be either an LPN/LVN-to-associate degree in Nursing or LPN/LVN-to-BSN. The purpose of this program is to create a pathway from academic training to clinical practice through the creation and implementation of LPN/LVN-to-RN Bridge Programs and employment of Clinical Nurse Faculty.

Application submission

What if my application is more than 60 pages?

HRSA will flag any application that exceeds the page limit and redact any pages considered over the page limit. The redacted copy of the application will move forward to the Objective Review Committee. Please review the list of forms that will be counted in the application and use standard Office of Management and Budget approved forms when required.

What is the maximum amount that can be requested?

The ceiling amount is up to $1 million each year (subject to the availability of appropriated funds) for a total of four years (August 1, 2023, through July 31, 2027). Requests for each year of the period of performance cannot exceed your year-one request.

Program requirements

Can funds be used to start an LPN/LVN program that transitions to an existing Associate Degree of Nursing (ADN) program?

No. Funds cannot be used to start LPN/LVN programs. The purpose of this program is to take existing/practicing LPNs and develop them into RNs through an LPN/LVN-to-ADN or LPN/LVN-to-BSN programs.

My nursing program does not currently have an LPN/LVN-to-RN bridge program in place. Does this grant allow for the development of such a program?

Yes. The purpose of this program is to develop or expand LPN/LVN-to-RN Bridge Programs and employment of clinical nurse faculty.

Are applicants required to have a specified number of students complete the program annually?

There is no specific number of students required to be trained for this program. You must provide a detailed plan to recruit and train LPN/LVN nursing students and clinical faculty for their proposed project.

Do clinical training sites have to be in community health settings? Are hospital clinicals allowable?

Community health and healthcare facilities are allowable clinical settings.

Are there restrictions for the students or participants receiving support from this award?

To receive support from this award, you must be either a citizen, non-citizen national of the United States, an individual lawfully admitted for permanent residence to the United States, or any other “qualified alien” under section 431(b) of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, Pub. L. 104-193, as amended.

Note: Individuals on temporary or student visas are not eligible to participate.

Budget and grants management

What is the salary limitation for this award?

The salary limitation for this funding opportunity cannot exceed $212,100. This amount reflects an individual’s base salary exclusive of fringe and any income that an individual may be permitted to earn outside of the duties to the applicant organization. This salary limitation also applies to subawards/subcontracts under this HRSA cooperative agreement.

What is the cap on the amount that can be provided per student for training support and/or stipends?

There is no cap on training support and/or stipends for students participating in the NEPQR-PRNP program. Please reach out to your financial aid office when considering financial support amounts and any implications for students based on the financial support amount.

Can funds be used to provide student support, such as technology or stipends?

Yes. You should include the number of participants/trainees and list supportive cost items, including:

  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Health insurance
  • Stipends
  • Travel
  • Subsistence
  • Any other costs not listed

Ensure that the budget breakdown separates these trainee costs and includes a separate sub-total entitled “Total Participant/Trainee Support Costs” which will include the summation of all trainee costs.

Are faculty incentives (such as sign-on bonuses) permitted?

Faculty incentives are not an allowable cost. Please review the SF 424 application guide linked throughout the NOFO for information about funding restrictions.

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