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Workforce Grand Rounds Webinar Series

The Workforce Grand Rounds webinar series helps improve health professions training.

We hope to increase the number of high-quality health professionals, particularly in rural and underserved communities.

What Will I Get From the Webinars?

  • Learn more about our programs.
  • Discuss emerging issues with Bureau of Health Workforce (BHW) program staff.
  • Receive the latest
    • evidence-based practices;
    • innovative models;
    • promising approaches; and
    • public health resources that support BHW initiatives.
  • Collaborate around crosscutting workforce issues and policies.

How Can I Watch Past Webinars?

October 2018
Integrating Opioid Use Disorder Treatment into Health Workforce Training 

Explore resources, guidelines, and trainings to combat the opioid abuse epidemic.

June 2017
Successful Models and Resources to Support Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment 

Discover health workforce resources and models used in combating the opioid abuse epidemic. 

June 2020

Combating Healthcare Provider Burnout in Clinical Settings

Learn the latest in preventative tools to reduce burnout in a clinical setting.

May 2019
The Power of Resiliency: Unlocking the Quadruple Aim

Build a resilient health workforce to meet the demands of a dynamic healthcare landscape.

April 2018
Provider Well-Being: Moving from Triple to Quadruple Aim in Clinical Training

Learn successful strategies for provider wellness within health workforce training programs.

February 2019
Telehealth Training Models for the Health Workforce 

Examine current telehealth training programs and resources for the health workforce.

June 2018

Building Health Equity: The Link Between Social Determinants, Healthy Communities, and Workforce Training

Explore how to combat social determinants of health through the education of health professionals.

February 2018
Successful Models of Inter-Professional Oral Health and Primary Care Training Programs 

Discover efforts used to combat health disparities through the integration of primary care and oral health training.

August 2017
Strengthening the Health Workforce Education Pipeline: Tools, Resources and Outcomes 

Learn more about the latest health workforce education pipeline programs.

November 2017
Strengthening the Rural Health Workforce: Tools, Resources and Outcomes

Learn how to increase awareness of health workforce needs in rural communities. 

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