We provide community-based training and faculty development to primary care physicians and physician assistants.

Which medicine programs do we fund?

Children's Hospitals Graduate Medical Education Payment (CHGME) Program

We help freestanding children's hospitals maintain their graduate medical education (GME) programs. These programs train resident physicians and dentists.

Preventive Medicine Residency Program

We fund preventive medicine residency programs. Our goals:

  • Increase the number of preventive medicine physicians.
  • Promote greater access to population-based health care.

Primary Care Training and Enhancement (PCTE) Programs

We fund medical education training programs for physicians and physician assistants.

The goal is to improve the quantity, quality, distribution, and diversity of the primary care workforce. 

Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education Program

Our funding helps support direct and indirect medical education expenses.

Specifically, we help training residents in new or expanding community-based primary care medicine and dentistry residency programs.

Rural Residency Planning and Development Program

Along with the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, we help expand the health workforce in rural areas.

We develop new physician residency programs in family medicine, internal medicine, and psychiatry.

Medical Student Education Program

We prepare and encourage medical students in training to become physicians in medically underserved communities.

We do this by funding public institutions of higher education to expand or support graduate education.

View the FY2019 awards.

Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program

Our funding supports the expansion of Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry fellowship programs.

The goal is to increase access to opioid and other substance use treatment services in rural communities.

Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Institutional Research Training Grant 

Our funding will equip and support individuals who plan to pursue careers in primary care research.

The goal is to expand the body of research to advance primary care.

Congress named the National Research Service Award program after Ruth L. Kirschstein. She was a longtime NIH researcher and a strong advocate for research training.

Date Last Reviewed:  September 2020