Oral Health Workforce Development

Our oral health programs support the oral health needs of rural, underserved, and vulnerable populations.

Which oral health workforce development programs do we fund?

Dental Faculty Development and Loan Repayment Program

We assist dental training programs to help attract, develop, and retain full-time dental faculty through both faculty development and loan repayment activities designed to increase the number and quality of the oral health workforce.

Dental Faculty Loan Repayment Program

We provide grant funding to increase the number of dental and dental hygiene faculty in the workforce. Through loan repayment, the grant assists training programs to attract and retain dental and dental hygiene faculty, particularly pediatric dentistry faculty supervising residents.

Grants to States to Support Oral Health Workforce Activities

We support state efforts to develop and implement innovative programs to address oral health workforce needs in Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas.

States match at least 40% of federal funds through cash or in-kind contributions. Allowable activities cover a variety of areas such as:

  • expanding oral health services and facilities,
  • community-based prevention services,
  • teledentistry,
  • pipeline program development,
  • workforce training,
  • recruitment and retention efforts, and
  • special areas such as opioid abuse and childhood obesity.

Postdoctoral Training in General, Pediatric, and Public Health Dentistry

We provide grant funding to plan, develop, operate, or participate in approved postdoctoral training programs in general dentistry, pediatric dentistry or public health dentistry.

Predoctoral Pediatric Training in General Dentistry and Dental Hygiene

We provide grant funding to plan, develop and operate predoctoral training programs in dentistry and dental hygiene for dental and dental hygiene students that address enhancing pediatric training to support improved access to oral health care for vulnerable, underserved, or rural communities.

Predoctoral Training in General, Pediatric, and Public Health Dentistry and Dental Hygiene

We provide grant funding to plan, develop, operate, or participate in, approved predoctoral training programs in the fields of general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, public health dentistry, and dental hygiene.

Grant funds are also available to provide financial assistance to dental or dental hygiene students.

Primary Care Medicine and Dentistry Career Development

We provide grant funding to support the development of future clinician educator faculty and leaders in primary care medicine and dentistry. We also support innovative projects that involve the transformation of health care delivery systems.

We award academic institutions that support one junior faculty member who plans to teach in family medicine, general internal medicine, general pediatrics, physician assistant education programs, general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, dental public health or dental hygiene.

Date Last Reviewed:  February 2020