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Attend a Virtual Job Fair

Our virtual job fairs (VJFs) are free. They connect health care sites with job-seeking primary care trainees and practicing clinicians.

We invite clinicians and trainees to come learn about medical, nursing, dental, and mental/behavioral health job openings.

What Should I Do in Advance?

Before you join a job fair, complete a clinician profile on the Health Workforce Connector (HWC). Interested sites can follow up with you after the event.

Clinicians and sites: learn how to use the Health Workforce Connector.

What Happens During a Virtual Job Fair?

We give each health care site about 15 minutes to present inside a “virtual breakout room.” They talk about their available positions, their site, and the communities they serve.

You can interact with up to 100 sites in one event.

How Can I Contact the Presenters?

  • Event agenda
    Review the presenting sites’ contact information and current vacancies.
  • Chat room
    Network during the virtual job fair.
  • Health Workforce Connector (HWC)
    Set up a searchable clinician profile. Search for additional vacancies.

How Can My Site Participate?

To participate, your site must:

  • Be a National Health Service Corps (NHSC) or Nurse Corps-approved site in good standing.
  • Complete a HWC site profile. (First, create an account in the Customer Service Portal.)
  • Post an eligible job vacancy on the HWC.
  • Have access to the internet and a phone the day of the Virtual Job Fair.
  • Register for one of our virtual job fairs.

Do Specific Hiring Sites Get Priority?

We schedule presenters once they register. If space is limited, we may give priority to sites based on

  • Geographic location
  • Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) score
  • Number/types of positions available
  • Type of community served

Do We Help Sites Prepare?

Yes. Our team works with sites throughout the preparation and presentation process.

How Do I Find Information From Previous Virtual Job Fairs?

After each job fair, we post participating site contact details and their job openings.





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