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How to Use the Health Workforce Connector

Current and Future Clinicians
NHSC and Nurse Corps-Approved Sites

Current and Future Clinicians

Are you a current NHSC or Nurse Corps member? Have you applied to the NHSC or Nurse Corps? 

Use your existing Customer Service Portal login credentials. 

  • Select “Sign-in” on Health Workforce Connector.
  • When prompted, import existing account information into your profile (optional).
  • Complete the remaining sections (all fields are optional).
  • Select “Publish My Profile.”

Don’t have any experience with NHSC or Nurse Corps? 

  • Select “Create an Account” on Health Workforce Connector
  • Fill in the blank fields, including your email and self-selected password.
  • Choose and answer your security question.
  • Activate your account (BHW participant account) with the link sent to your email address. (If you didn’t receive this email, check your junk/spam folder).
  • When prompted, sign in to the Health Workforce Connector using your username and password.
  • Select “Edit Profile” from the dropdown menu.
  • Complete the relevant sections of your profile (all fields are optional).
  • Select “Publish My Profile.”

NHSC and Nurse Corps-Approved Sites

Log in / Sign in

Log into the Customer Service Portal with your email and password.


Sign in to the Health Workforce Connector. Use the "Site POC Log In" drop-down menu. 

  • Don’t remember your password? Use the ˘forgot your password” link to receive a new one. 
  • Don’t have a password? Ask your existing point of contact (who has access to the Portal) to make the updates.  

Once in the Portal, choose a site to manage from the My Sites section to view the dashboard.

Edit your site profile 

Select “Manage Site Profile” on the site dashboard.

Edit and save each of these sections:  

  • Site details 
  • Site headline and description 
  • Contact information 
  • Social media and relevant links (optional) 
  • Additional benefits and services 
  • Site image (optional) 
  • Site brochure (optional) 

Note: After you select “View Profile”, updates won't show immediately. 

Create a site profile

  • Select “Create Site Profile” on the site dashboard. 
  • Follow the step-by-step wizard to complete your profile.  

Post vacancies to your site profile  

Manage an existing opportunity  

  • Select “Manage Opportunities”
  • Select an opportunity “ID” to edit, extend, close, or repost. 
  • Select “Save” to confirm changes.  

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for changes to appear.. 

Post a new opportunity 

  • Select “Create New Opportunity”
  • Provide position details.  
  • Select “Save” at the bottom of the screen to confirm changes.  

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for changes to appear. 

Search for qualified candidates (as a Verified Site Administrator)  

Add a site point of contact (POC) (as an existing Site POC) 

If the new POC has an existing account: 

  • Select “Search Database.” 
  • Search for the new POC by first name, last name, or primary email.
  • Select “Assign POC."
  • Complete the information fields and save your changes. 

If the new POC doesn’t have an existing account: 

  • Select “Add New POC.”
  • Complete each of these fields:  
    • First and Last Name
    • Email Address 
    • Site Affiliation(s) 
    • Program Affiliation(s)
    • Role(s) 
  • Select "Send Invite." (The new POC will receive an email. They'll have seven days to complete their registration.) 

Note: To verify changes, check the Manage Site POCs table. 

Remove a site point of contact (POC) 

Once in the Portal, select “Manage Site POCs."

  • From the Manage Site POCs table, select the link in the “Site Affiliation” column for the POC you wish to remove (link text will show the number of sites to which the POC is affiliated). 
  • Uncheck each of the POCs affiliated sites listed.
  • Save; then select "Remove POC."

Note: To verify changes, check the Manage Site POCs table. 

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