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Apply to the Pediatric Specialty Loan Repayment Program

Eligible clinicians providing pediatric medical subspecialty, pediatric surgical specialty, or child and adolescent mental and behavioral health care including substance use disorder (SUD) prevention and treatment services may apply to the Pediatric Specialty LRP.

Why should I apply?

We offer up to $100,000 in loan repayment.

What do you expect from me in return?

If you receive an award, you must work full-time for three (3) years in a Pediatric Specialty LRP-approved facility.

Am I eligible?

Review our Pediatric Specialty LRP requirements.

You must be:

  1. A United States citizen, national, or permanent resident
  2. Fully licensed or credentialed in an eligible discipline
  3. One of the following:

Note: You must be working or training at a Pediatric Specialty LRP-approved facility by the application deadline of July 9, 2024, 7:30 p.m. ET.

Is my discipline eligible?

Review our list of eligible disciplines to see if you qualify. You must be working in a full-time pediatric specialty job.

Eligible disciplines and subspecialties



  • Allopathic (MD)
  • Osteopathic (DO)
  • Pediatric medical subspecialists
  • Pediatric surgical specialists
  • Child and adolescent psychiatrists

Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Providers

  • Psychologists
  • Licensed clinical social workers (LCSW)
  • Licensed or certified master's level social workers (LSW or LCMSW)
  • Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner
  • Marriage and family therapists (MFT)
  • Licensed professional counselors (LPC)
  • Substance use disorder (SUD) counselors
  • Pediatrics
  • SUD prevention and treatment services

How do I apply?

To apply, do these two things:

  1. Read the Pediatric Specialty LRP Application and Program Guidance (APG) (PDF - 599 KB).
  2. Submit your application through the Customer Service Portal.

Verify your employment

How can I receive funding priority?

We have two tiers for award funding priority, which are both ranked using debt-to-income ratio. We will use HPSA, MUA, or MUP data as of the application submission deadline throughout that fiscal year's application and award cycle.

Tier 1

School-based service sites (pre-kindergarten, elementary, or secondary education settings) will include clinicians who meet both of the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate a set of behaviors, attitudes, and understanding of policies that enables effective interactions and delivery of care to a cross-cultural community
  • Directly provide culturally appropriate oral and written language services to limited English proficiency patients or readily use bilingual/bicultural staff, trained medical interpreters, and qualified translators to deliver care

Tier 2

All other eligible sites located in a Health Professional Shortage Area, or Medically Underserved Area, or serving a Medically Underserved Population, with any provider unable to meet the requirements outlined in Tier 1

Why is the Pediatric Specialty LRP important?

There's a need for pediatric specialty health care workers across the United States.

To meet that need, the Pediatric Specialty LRP will:

  • Complement other BHW loan repayment programs, including National Health Service Corps (NHSC) programs
  • Expand the eligible pool of pediatric specialties
  • Add to the list of eligible facilities to serve the population located in either a health professional shortage area or medically underserved areas and those providing service to medically underserved populations

How to connect with us

Call: 1-800-221-9393 | TTY: 1-877-897-9910
M – F | 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET (except federal holidays)
Use our contact form.

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