Primary Care Training Enhancement (PCTE) Grantee Evaluation Resources

PCTE grantee evaluation resources provide prospective and current awardees with an evaluation framework, which directly corresponds to the PCTE priority outcomes.

Other programs can benefit too, as resources focus on training health care professionals about their impact and readiness for interdisciplinary care, and health care access, quality and cost.

PCTE Evaluation Toolkit

The PCTE Program trains clinicians to deliver high-quality primary care. The PCTE Evaluation Toolkit recommends ways to track trainee outcomes and program strategies to:

  • improve patient experience and access,
  • lower cost, and
  • raise the quality of health care services.

Within each module, we provide a step-by-step approach to developing the evaluation, including sample tools and resources.

Who should use this toolkit?
Organizations in the grant-planning phase, or those actively engaged in the evaluation process.

How do I access the toolkit?
Download the entire toolkit (PDF - 751 KB) or access modules individually to get answers to specific questions by evaluation phase.

Individual Modules

Evaluation Technical Assistance Webinars

Each webinar features past and present PCTE awardees and national experts. The speakers provide direct, applied and comprehensive perspectives on PCTE evaluation activities.

2016 PCTE Awardee Profiles

Awardee profiles help to demonstrate various evaluation approaches, facilitate peer-to-peer connection, and build a community of practice among interested programs.

Each profile contains a summary of the program goals, professions and trainee types targeted, HRSA priority outcomes addressed and an abstract. Where available, we included principle investigator and evaluation director contact information.

Search profiles by key characteristics (XLS - 12 KB)

Awardee Profiles

Date Last Reviewed:  June 2018

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