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Contact Your State/Territory Primary Care Office

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Office Primary Care & Rural Health
Alabama Department of Public Health
201 Monroe Street, Suite 1040
Montgomery, AL 36104
Postal Address:
P.O. Box 303017
Montgomery, AL 36130-3017
Phone: 334-206-5396
Fax: 334-206-5434
PCO Director, NHSC, and J-1 Visa Contact: Karl Bryant, 334-206-5517
HPSA Contact: Landon Cordes, 334-206-5425


Office of Healthcare Access
State of Alaska
Department of Health
Division of Public Health
Section of Rural and Community Health Systems
3601 C St, Suite 424
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: 907-465-3091
Fax: 907-465-6861
PCO Director, HPSA and NHSC Contact: Katie Yaniec, 907-334-2423
SLRP Contact: Robert Sewell, 907-465-4065
J-1 Visa Contact: Katie Reilly, 907-754-3553


Primary Care Office
Arizona Department of Health Services
150 N 18th Ave. Suite 300
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602-542-1066
PCO Director and HPSA Contact: Edith Di Santo, 602-542-1066
HPSA Contact: Tracy Lenartz
NHSC and J-1 Visa Contact: Erin Gonsalves, 602-542-1211 and Tiffany Wong, 480-518-7947


Office of Rural Health and Primary Care
Arkansas Department of Health
4815 West Markham Street - Slot 76
Little Rock, AR 72205
Phone: See individual contacts
Fax: 501-280-4706
PCO Director: Michael Trevino, 501-280-4563
PCO Staff:, 501-280-4529
Grants Analyst: LaTarsha Okafor, 501-280-4912


California Department Health Care Access and Information
Healthcare Workforce Development Division
2020 West El Camino Avenue, Suite 12-200
Sacramento, CA 95833
Fax 916-322-2588
Phone: See individual contacts
Acting PCO Director: Jalaunda Granville, 916-326-3699
Primary Care HPSA and NHSC Contacts: Elyssa Urias, 916-326-3718 and Steffi Wong, 916-326-3717
Dental HPSA contact: Bally Nagra, 916-326-3714
Mental HPSA and NHSC Contact: Darby Maas, 916-326-3712
J-1 Visa Waiver Contact:


Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
Primary Care Office
4300 Cherry Creek Drive, South
Denver, CO 80246-1530
Phone: 303-692-2466
Fax: 303-758-9013
PCO Director: Stephen Holloway, 303-692-2582
HPSA Contact: Holly Mask, 720-248-7085
Primary Care Office Loan Repayment Programs Specialist: Rachel Carmen, 303-692-2410
J1 Visa Waiver Program & NHSC Site Contact: Natalie Kwofie, 720-251-4496


Connecticut Department of Public Health
Public Health Systems and Equity
410 Capitol Avenue, Mail Stop #11 MAT
Hartford, CT 06134-0308
Phone: 860-509-8070
PCO Director: Marc Camardo
HPSA, NHSC, and J-1 Visa Contact: Justin Hamrick


Division of Public Health
Delaware Department of Health and Social Services
417 Federal Street
Dover, DE 19901
Phone: 302-744-4555
Fax: 302-739-3313
PCO Director: Nichole Moxley, 302-744-4555
Chief, Bureau of Health Planning and Resources Management: Kathy Collison, 302-744-4555
J-1 Visa Contact: Joan Barnwell, 302-744-4555

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Department of Health
Community Health Administration
Health Care Access Bureau
899 N. Capitol St., NE
Washington, DC 20002
Fax: 202-442-4947
HPSA and Special Projects Coordinator: Ashley Vann, 202-442-9380
Primary Care Office Director: Khalil Hassam, 202-442-5925
NHSC and J-1 Visa Waiver Contact: Geraldine Pierce, 202-442-5892
Workforce Development: Frank Valliere, 202-442-9168


Division of Public Health Statistics and Performance Improvement
Health Resources and Access Section
Bureau of Community Health Assessment
Florida Department of Health
4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin C-15
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1735
Phone: 850-617-1471
PCO Director: Jeffrey Johnson, 850-617-1471
HPSA, J-1 Visa Waiver, and National Interest Waiver Contact: Keri Taggart, 850-617-1472
NHSC Contact: Eli Williams, 850-617-1475


State Office of Rural Health
Georgia Department of Community Health
502 South 7th Street
Cordele, GA 31015-1443
Fax: 229-401-3077
PCO Director: Beth Walker, 229-276-2750
HPSA Contact: Dorothy Bryant, 229-401-3095
Other Contacts: Stephen RegisterOlakesta Outlaw, 229-401-3090


Hawaii State Department of Health
Office of Primary Care and Rural Health
1010 Richards Street, Suite 911
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: See individual contacts
Fax: 808-586-6110
PCO Director: Matthew Shim, 808-586-4122
HPSA and NHSC Contact: Vacant


State Office of Rural Health & Primary Care
450 West State Street, 4th Floor
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0036
Phone: 208-334-5993
Fax: 208-332-7262
PCO Director; HPSA, J-1 Visa, and NHSC Contact: Alex Prado, 208-334-5993


Center for Rural Health
Illinois Department of Public Health
535 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, IL 62761
Phone: 217-782-1624
Fax: 217-782-2547
PCO Director: Kristen Nolen, 217-782-1624
HPSA and NHSC Contact: Carla Cox, 217-782-1624


Chronic Disease, Primary Care & Rural Health Division
2 N. Meridian Street, 6B
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-233-7415
Fax: 317-233-7805
Division Director: Ann Alley, 317-233-7451
HPSA, NHSC, and J-1 Visa Waiver Contact: Lacy Foy, 317-234-5673


Iowa Department of Public Health
Deputy Director's Office
Bureau of Policy and Workforce Services
Lucas State Office Building
321 East 12th Street, 4th Floor
Des Moines, IA 50319-0075
Fax: 515-242-6384
PCO Director, HPSA, and NHSC Contact: Cristie Duric, 515-229-3913
HPSA Coordinator: Joseph Greene, 515-201-6996


Bureau of Community Health Systems, Office of Primary Care and Rural Health
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
1000 Southwest Jackson, Suite 340
Topeka, KS 66612
PCO Director: Caroline Wroczynski, 785-291-3796
HPSA and NHSC Contact: Ashley Wallace, 785-296-5751
Office Email:
Office Phone: 785-296-1200


Department For Public Health
Health Care Access Branch
Division of Prevention and Quality Improvement
275 East Main Street, HS2W-B
Frankfort, KY 40621
Phone: 502-564-8966 (see individual extensions)
Fax: 502-564-0655
PCO Director, NHSC Contact: Amanda Shafer, ext 4008
HPSA Contact: Kevin Skeeters, ext 4007
J-1 Visa Contact: Shellie Wingate, ext 4003


Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
Louisiana Primary Care Office
628 North 4th Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Phone: See individual contacts
Fax: 225-342-5839
PCO Director: Darmyra Perry, 225-342-1583
HPSA , NHSC, and SLRP Contact: Beth Butler, 225-342-6326
Conrad 30 (J-1 Visa), National Interest Waiver Program, and Rural Recruitment and Retention Network (3RNET): Yasmeen Mohammed


Rural Health & Primary Care Program
Department of Health and Human Services
Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention
286 Water Street, 5th floor
11 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0011
Phone: 207-287-5524
Fax: 207-287-5431
PCO Director; HPSA, NHSC, and J-1 Visa Contact: Nicole Breton, 207-287-5524


Primary Care Office
Office of Health Population Improvement
Maryland Department of Health
201 West Preston Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: See individual contacts
Fax: 410-333-7501
PCO Director; NHSC, Nurse Corps and HPSA Contact: Elizabeth Vaidya, 410-767-8781
Shortage Designation Analyst Contact: Stephanie Cerritos, MPH, 410-767-8781
Workforce Coordinator: J-1, SLRP Contact: Sade Diggs, MPH, 410-767-4467


Primary Care Office
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
250 Washington Street, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02108-4619
Fax: 617-624-6062
PCO Director and HPSA Contact: Silvia Banos-Aguayo, 617-624-5633
NHSC, J-1 Visa Waiver, Loan Repayment Contact: Nicole Watson, 617-624-6051


Michigan Department of Health & Human Services
Policy, Planning & Legislative Services
333 S. Grand Ave.
P.O. Box 30195
Lansing, Michigan 48909
PCO Director: Amber Myers
HPSA Contact: Miguelina Carela-Garcia
NHSC Contact: Paige Recker
J-1 Visa Waiver Contact: Megan Linton


Office of Rural Health and Primary Care
Minnesota Department of Health
P.O. Box 64882
St. Paul, MN 55164-0882
Phone: 800-366-5424
Fax: 651-201-3830
PCO Director and NHSC Contact: Brenda Flattum, 651-201-3870
HPSA Contact: Angela Lofgren
J-1 Visa Contact: Paia Vang, 651-201-3856


Mississippi State Department of Health
Mississippi Office of Rural Health & Primary Care
P.O. Box 1700
Jackson, MS 39215-1700
Phone: 601-576-7216
Fax: 601-576-7873
Director, Office of Health Policy and Planning: Christin B. Williams, 601-576-7874
Director, Office of Rural Health & Primary Care: Rachel Sprinkle, 601-576-7216
HPSA, NHSC, and PCO Program Coordinator: Kara Aldridge
HPSA Contact: Ty McHarris
J1 Visa Inquiries:
Grants Budget Manager: Judy Newton
Grants Program Evaluator: Carmen Robinson


Office of Primary Care & Rural Health
Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services
930 Wildwood Drive
P.O. Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570
Phone: 1-800-891-7415
Local: 573-751-6441
Fax: 573-522-8146
PCO Manager: Aleesha Jones
Workforce Development Manager, HPSA Designations, J-1 Visa, National Interest Wavier (NIW) and NHSC Contact: Ernest Wilson
PCO Coordinator, State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) and Primary Care Resource Initiative for Missouri (PRMO) Program Contact: Deetrilynn Galbreath
PCO Specialist, Nurse Student Loan (NSL), and Nurse Loan Repayment Program (NLRP) Contact: Ashlee Griffin


Montana Primary Care Office
Montana Department of Public Health & Human Sciences
P.O. Box 4210
Helena, MT 59620-4210
Fax: 406-444-2750
PCO Director; HPSA and NHSC Contact: Annalee Venneri, 406-444-3934


Department of Health & Human Services
Office of Rural Health & Primary Care
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, NE 68509-5026
Phone: 402-471-0148
Fax: 402-471-0180
PCO Director; HPSA and NHSC Contact: Heidi Peirce


Primary Care Office - Nevada
Nevada Division of Healthcare Financing & Policy
Attn: Primary Care Office
1100 E William St
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: 775-684-2204
PCO Director: Cynthia Meno
HPSA and NHSC Contact: Tarryn Emmerich-Choi

New Hampshire

Rural Health and Primary Care
29 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603-271-5934
Fax: 603-271-4506
PCO Director; HPSA and NHSC Contact: Alisa Druzba

New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Health
Office of Primary Care and Rural Health
50 East State Street, 6th Floor
P.O. Box 364
Trenton, NJ 08625-0364
Phone: 609-292-1495
Fax: 609-292-9599
PCO Director; HPSA and NHSC Contact: Omolola Taiwo

New Mexico

Primary Care/Rural Health Office
New Mexico Department of Health
5300 Homestead Road NE, Suite 100
Albuquerque, NM 87110
PCO Director: Crystal Begay, 505-699-8911
HPSA and NHSC Contact: Melanie Keams, 505-659-9588
Program Manager: Jasmin Hendrickson, 505-331-6866
Program Coordinator: Position vacant.

New York

New York State Department of Health
Tower Building, Room 1695
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12237-0053
Phone: 518-473-7019
Fax: 518-486-7835
PCO Director and NHSC Contact: Jonathan Wettergreen, 518-473-4700
HPSA Contact: Stacy Davidson, 518-473-7049
HPSA Contact and GIS Manager: Nafin Harun, 518-473-7049

North Carolina

Office Rural Health
North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services
311 Ashe Avenue, Cooke Building
Raleigh, NC 27606
For packages: 2009 Mail Service Center - Raleigh, NC 27699-2009
Phone: See individual contacts
Fax: 919-715-1503
PCO Director and HPSA Contact: Mark Snuggs, 919-527-6465
NHSC, J-1 Waiver, and SLRP Contact: Clint Cresawn, 919-527-6496
NHSC, J-1 Waiver, and SLRP Contact: Karen Gliarmis, 919-527-6452
NHSC, J-1 Waiver, and SLRP Contact: Maya Sanders, 919-527-6476

North Dakota

North Dakota Department of Health
600 E. Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58505-0200
Fax: 701-328-4727
PCO Director: Kalee Werner, 701-805-1071
HPSA Contact: Sonja Bauman, 701-777-6728
NHSC and J-1 Visa Waiver Contact: Stacy Kusler, 701-777-3300


Primary Care Office
Ohio Department of Health
246 North High Street, 7th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-644-8508
Director: Shane Ford, 614-728-3700
NHSC, SLRP, and J-1 Visa Contact: Hend Mostafa, 614-466-1629
Primary Care: Michael Bozzo, 380-203-5613
Oral Health: Katrina Tamimi, 614-644-8508
Behavioral Health: Shane Ford, 614-728-3700
HPSA/MUAP Contact: Ryan Kline, 614-752-4787


Office of Primary Care and Rural Health Development
Oklahoma State Department of Health
123 Robert S. Kerr, Rm 1701
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
PCO Director: Jana Castleberry, 405-426-8624
PCO Data Specialist: Melanie Reese, 405-426-8656
NHSC/Nurse Corps: Jana Castleberry, 405-426-8624
J1 Visa Waivers: Jana Castleberry, 405-426-8624
HPSAs and MUA/Ps: Melanie Reese, 405-426-8656


Primary Care Office
Oregon Health Authority
Health Policy and Analytics
500 Summer Street, NE E-65
Salem, OR 97301
Phone: 503-373-1791
Fax: 503-378-5511
PCO Director: Marc Overbeck, 503-689-5321
HPSA and NHSC Specialist: Liza Root, 907-331-7724
J-1 Visa Waiver Program: Dia Shuhart, 503-373-0364
Oregon Health Care Provider Incentives Program Coordinator: Leah Festa, 503-812-1933
Behavioral Health Workforce Pipeline Coordinator: Joe Bergeron, 503-507-6005
Oral Health Workforce Coordinator: Jonathan McElfresh, 503-385-3075
HOWTO Grant Coordinator: Jo Johnson, 503-653-6160

Pacific Basin

Pacific Island Health Officers Association PIHOA
737 Bishop Street, Mauka Tower, STE 2075
Honolulu, HI 96813
Office Phone: 808-537-3131
Fax: 808-537-6868
PIHOA Executive Director and PCO Director: Emi Chutaro , 808-537-3131
Regional PCO Coordinator and HPSA Contact: Angela Techur-Pedro, 808-753-6562, 808-200-8500


Pennsylvania Department of Health
Bureau of Health Planning
Division of Health Professions Development
Room 1033 Health & Welfare Building
625 Forster Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0701
Phone: 717-772-5298
Fax: 717-705-6525
PCO Director and Director, Division Health Professions Development: Edward Naugle
HPSA Contacts: Tony Norwood and Belinda Williams, 717-772-5298
NHSC Contact: Jacqueline Austin, 717-772-5298
J-1 Waiver Program Contact: Jacqueline Austin, 717-772-5298

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Department of Health
Planning and Development Secretariat
PR Medical Center
P.O. Box 70184
San Juan, PR 00936-8184
Phone: 787-274-6739 Ext 3708
Fax: 787-274-5738
PCO Director: Nadia Gardana-Cordero

Rhode Island

Office of Primary Care & Rural Health
Rhode Island Department of Health
3 Capitol Hill, Room 410
Providence, RI 02908
Phone: see individual contacts
Fax: 401-222-3017
Program Manager and HPSA Contact: Manuel Ortiz, 401-222-7631
J-1 Visa Waiver and NHSC Contact: Jill D'Errico, 401-222-1488

South Carolina

Office of Primary Care
South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control
2100 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: 803-898-0766
Fax: 803-898-0557
PCO Director; HPSA and NHSC Contact: Mark Jordan

South Dakota

Office of Rural Health
South Dakota Department of Health
600 E. Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: See individual contacts
Fax: 605-773-5683
PCO Director: Emily Paulsen 605-773-2679
HPSA and NHSC Contact, Primary Care Program Coordinator: Emily Paulsen, 605-773-2679
J-1 Visa Waiver Contact: DeAnn Sprenger, 605-773-2706


Tennessee Department of Health
Andrew Johnson Tower, 2nd Floor
710 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: 615-741-0388
Fax: 615-253-2100
Tennessee Office of Rural Health Director: Kristina Pilgreen
Tennessee Primary Care Office Director: Marcus Flatt


Texas Primary Care Office
Texas Department of State Health Services
P.O. Box 149347
Mail code: 1898
Austin, TX 78714-9347
Phone: 512-776-7518
Fax: 512-776-4232
PCO Director: Ann Barnett, 512-776-6762
HPSA/MUA Contact: Rhonnda Jones, 512-776-2179
J-1 Visa Waiver Contact: Ann Barnett, 512-776-7518
NHSC & Nurse Corps Contact: Cindy Ellis, 512-776-2127

U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Health
3500 Estate Richmond
Christiansted, VI 00820-4370
Phone: See individual contacts
Fax: 340-773-1376
Acting PCO Director, HPSA Contact, & NHSC Contact: Janis Valmond, MS, DrPH, CHES, 340-718-1311 ext 3755, 340-774-0117


Office of Primary Care & Rural Health
Utah Department of Health
P.O. Box 142005
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-2005
Phone: See individual contacts
Fax: 801-273-4146
PCO Director, NHSC, and J-1 Visa Contact: Ashley Moretz, 801-350-1546
Other Contact: Kendyl Brockman, 385-454-1665


Planning and Healthcare Quality
State Office of Rural and Primary Care
Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry Street, P.O. Box 70
Burlington, VT 05401-0070
Phone: See individual contacts
Fax: 802-951-1275
SORH/PCO Director: John Olson, 802-951-1259
NHSC, HPSA, J-1, PCO Contact: Luca Fernandez, 802-859-5921


Virginia Department of Health
Office of Health Equity
109 Governors Street, 7th Floor East
P.O. Box 2448
Richmond, VA 23219-2448
Phone: See individual contacts
Fax: 804-864-7440
PCO Director: Heather Anderson, 804-864-7426
NHSC Contact: Anna Riggan
J-1 Visa Contact: Olivette Burroughs, 804-864-7431
HPSA Contact: Anna Riggan
HPSA Contact and GIS Manager: Justin Crow, 804-864-7428


Primary Care Office
Washington State Department of Health
P.O. Box 47853
Olympia, WA 98504-7853
Fax: 360-236-2830
PCO Director, NHSC, and J-1 Visa Contact: Claire Horton, 360-233-6107
HPSA Contact: Randall Saylor, 360-236-2865

West Virginia

Division of Primary Care
Office of Community Health Systems and Health Promotion
350 Capitol Street, Room 515
Charleston, WV 25301-3716
Fax: 304-558-1437
PCO Director: David Haden, 304-352-5998
HPSA and NHSC Contact: Heather Tolley, 304-352-6027
West Virginia Cooperative Agreement Coordinator: Heather Tolley, 304-352-6027


Primary Care Program
Wisconsin Division of Public Health
PO Box 2659, 1 W. Wilson St.
Madison, WI 53701-2659
Phone: 608-267-1440
Fax: 608-267-2832
PCO Director, HPSA, NHSC, and J-1 Visa Contact: Jaime Olson, 608-267-1440


Office of Rural Health
Public Health Division
Wyoming Department of Health
122 West 25th Street, Suite 102 East
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone: 307-777-6512
Fax: 307-777-3623
PCO Director; HSPA and NHSC Contact: Keri Wagner, 307-777-6512

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