About Nurse Corps

Nurse Corps awards scholarships and loan repayment to nurses, nursing students, and nurse faculty.

By supporting these nurses, we build healthier communities across the country—especially in areas of greatest need.

In total, 1.8 million people receive care from the Nurse Corps network of clinicians serving at Nurse Corps sites (PDF - 160 KB) in urban, rural and tribal areas.


Nurse Corps members


Nurse Corps clinicians serve at 338 unique rural sites


Nurse Corps sites


How do I become a member of the Nurse Corps?

You apply. We have a loan repayment program and a scholarship program. If we accept you into the Nurse Corps, you receive money through loan repayment or a scholarship.

In return, you serve a minimum of two years at a facility experiencing a critical shortage of nurses.

Nurse Corps members help those in need, without the burden of debt. You receive competitive pay and benefits from your employer in addition to your award.

Am I eligible for loan repayment?

The Loan Repayment Program enables registered, advanced practice registered nurses and nurse faculty to pay off a portion of their student debt.

The Program will award 60% of your unpaid nursing student loans in exchange for two years of service. If you commit to a third year of service, we will award an additional 25% of your original balance.

Am I eligible for a scholarship?

The Scholarship Program helps nursing students in financial need complete their nursing education by paying tuition, fees, and other education costs, while providing a monthly living stipend.

How long has Nurse Corps helped communities in need?

We have helped underserved areas meet their urgent need for nurses since 2002.

Date Last Reviewed:  October 2019